Climate change pushing Polar Bears to migrate from Alaska to Russia

As per recent research, the Polar Bear population has seen a significant decline in Alaska as they are migrating to other regions for a better living habitat.


The report mentioned that there is a massive drop of about 40 per cent from 2001 to 2010 in Alaska’s Polar bear population. Rapidly rising global temperature and the factors related to climate change have been harder-hitting wildlife habitat and adaptation than ever before during the past decade. The signs of the heating of the planet can be witnessed mainly in the northern region of the world. 

These wildlife creatures have been migrating to parts of Russia in search of food and better living conditions for survival which has resulted in the sudden spike in the Polar bear population living in Russia’s Wrangel Island. 

The weather reports identified that in the past 50 years there was a 4.8-degree Celsius rise in the average temperature annually. This has directly affected the ice portions in the region and the rise in the water levels which is restricting the carnivore to hunt for food.