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Photo Story - _VOIS PLANET Initiatives: Painting competition

_VOIS Planet conducted a painting competition on 13 February 2022 on the theme, 'Clean & Green City of my Dreams' to encourage the spirit of environmentalism among school children and youth. Children between the age group of 5-18 participated in the competition. _VOIS Planet received 450 entries on how the students visualised the problem of pollution and envisaged solutions for their cities. Here, we showcase the top ten paintings that won praise from the judges for artistic creativity and understanding about environment. We hope that such events will strengthen the sense of dedication towards environment among the children as they grow up into responsible adults.

Latest Updates

Bangalore boy launches E-waste management initiative

In a unique attempt to manage the E-waste a class XI student from Bangalore has started an initiative to collect and recycle the old and obsolete electrical gadgets. Pranav Goyal from the International School, Bangalore has formed REwaste backed by the

India’s first-ever e-waste eco-park to be set up in Delhi

Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi announced that the cabinet has decided to set up an e-waste eco-park in the capital to dismantle, segregate, recycle and manage the electronic waste. Addressing the press briefing, Sisodia said that Delhi generates around 2 lakh tonnes of e-waste every year,

Climate change poses a threat to tomato production across the globe

A new study published in the Nature Journal has warned that the production of tomatoes across the globe could be worsened due to the impacts of climate change. Tomato is the staple consumed all over the world and it's the main ingredient used in the manufacturing of ketchup.

Gujarat-based cafe accepting plastic waste as payment

In an attempt to spread awareness regarding the negative impacts of plastic waste, a Gujarat-based cafe has started accepting plastic waste as a mode of payment. The cafe run by Sarvodaya Sakhi Mandal highlighted that the customers can bring in the plastic waste and redeem it with the food items listed on the menu.

Did you know?

  • The highest mountain in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro, which is a dormant volcano
  • The earth's gravity is different at different places because the earth is not a perfect sphere
  • There are 43 landlocked countries in the world, which means they are cut off from the sea
  • A glacier can be as small as a football field and as big as 160 kms
  • Trees in urban areas not only clean our air but also bring down the temperature
  • Cats spend as many as 13-16 hours sleeping every day

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