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4 Eco-Friendly Polling Booths established in Tamil Nadu

In a progressive move towards environmental consciousness, Kancheepuram, a district in Tamil Nadu, India, has unveiled four eco-friendly polling booths. These innovative booths aim to minimize the environmental footprint associated with electoral pro...

J&K's Environment Suffering from Plastic Pollution

J&K's breathtaking landscapes are marred by a growing threat - plastic pollution. A staggering amount, over 51,000 tonnes of plastic waste, is generated annually in the region. The problem lies not just in the quantity, but also in the lack of prope...

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India is expected to experience prolonged heat waves, especially between April and June. The IMD has forecasted heatwave conditions over parts of India for the next two days. Here are some tips to stay cool and safe during the hot summer weather:

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Rapid urbanization and growing urban affluence has slowly and steadily broughtforth profound environmental consequences, causing threat to environmental ecosystem as well as global sustainability. The environmental consequences are distinctly visible in rapidly growing Indian cities and urban agglomerations: excessive air pollution, deforestation, worsening water quality, increased carbon footprint owing to fossil fuel-based energy use, problems of waste disposal - are some of the pressing ones.