Climate Change Perspective Through Photography

The world is in a tight spot with climate change knocking at our door. But have you ever thought about how we truly understand the weight of this global battle? Sure, we get tons of info from social media, news outlets, and scientific papers, but it's the snapshots taken by folks witnessing climate chaos firsthand that really hit home.

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Did you know?

  • Around 54% of greenhouse gas emissions come from just 3 of the biggest emitters, USA, China and Europe while the 100 least-emitting countries contribute less than 3%. (Climate Watch, 2020)
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J&K's Environment Suffering from Plastic Pollution

J&K's breathtaking landscapes are marred by a growing threat - plastic pollution. A staggering amount, over 51,000 tonnes of plastic waste, is generated annually in the region. The problem lies not just in the quantity, but also in the lack of proper waste management.

Here's how plastic pollution adversely impacts J&K's environment:

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Photo Story

Recent flash floods across the towns and cities in the lap of Himalayan region brought forth destruction, devastation and disaster risks to the forefront. In this photo story we bring to you destruction at the school based on the manjhi river bank, vulnerability of poor household situated adjacent to river bank and reconstruction work post the flashflood in Bhagau Nag area of dharamshala.