low carbon

  • Turning Trash into Treasure: The Eco-Soap Bank Story

    During a 2014 volunteer trip building fishponds in rural Cambodia, University of Pittsburgh student Samir Lakhani witnessed a sight that would change his life: a young mother bathing her infant with toxic laundry detergent instead of soap. When he asked why, her response shook him - “Soap is too expensive.” Shocked to the core, Lakhani learned that only 1% of households in developing countries have access to basic hygiene products like soap. This lack of access contributes to the spread of preventable diseases and infections, causing the deaths of countless children. This encounter stirred something in Lakhani. He was determined to find a solution.

  • Journey of two sisters: Saying Bye-Bye to Plastic Bags

    Under the tropical Bali sun, two young sisters played carefree along the island's pristine beaches and lush rice paddies. However, as Melati and Isabel grew older, they began to notice plastic waste littering these once-idyllic landscapes. After learning that Bali produced 680 cubic meters of plastic waste daily, equivalent to a 14-story building and that almost no plastic bags were recycled, the sisters decided to take action. Distressed at seeing their island paradise being choked by plastic, an idea was born when the girls were just 12 and 10 years old—they would launch a crusade to say "bye-bye" to plastic bags in Bali!

  • A Gifting Revolution: Celebrating Sustainably with Eco-Friendly Choices

    Traditional gift-giving is what we know as wrapping parcels, bulging shopping bags, and loads of unwanted packaging. But have you wondered what happens to those gifts that end up unused and thrown away, they contribute to environmental pollution. So, does this mean we should stop giving gifts to our loved ones? That would not be an appropriate solution.

  • Manoj Bhargava: Transforming Lives through Simple Solutions

    In a world where wealth often is synonymical with luxury, Indian-born billionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Manoj Bhargava shatters stereotypes. His story isn’t just about accumulating wealth, it’s about having a purpose and using his wealth to help those with fewer resources.

  • Unpacking COP28's Impact on Climate Action and Global Responsibility

    The aftermath of COP28, held in the oil-dependent United Arab Emirates, leaves a trail of both promise and disappointment in the realm of global climate action.

  • Max Loughan: A Teen Visionary Illuminating the World with Innovative Energy Solutions

    Meet Max Loughan, a bright young mind with a passion for science and a heart set on creating a better future.

  • Pelenise Alofa: Kiribati's Climate Warrior

    Once upon a time, in a faraway land known as Kiribati, there lived a group of islands in the big, beautiful Pacific Ocean. There are 33 islands, and they're scattered across a big part of the Pacific, near the equator.

  • This Green Initiative for Sustainable Urban Travel is Transforming Urban Mobility

    Amidst the chaos of city life, Let's driEV is a breath of fresh air—a force for good. With the introduction of electric two-wheelers that do more than simply traverse streets, this groundbreaking startup is changing the way we move in and championing a greener lifestyle.

  • COP28 Highlights: Progress and Challenges

    The Conference of the Parties, known as COP, is a series of international meetings organized under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The UNFCCC is a treaty established in 1992 to address the global challenge of climate change. COP meetings bring together representatives from countries that are parties to the convention, providing a platform for collaboration, negotiation, and decision-making on matters related to climate change.

  • Green Design in Electronics: Shaping a Sustainable Future

    In a world increasingly reliant on technology, the electronics industry plays a pivotal role in shaping our future. With this influence comes a responsibility to address the environmental impact of electronic products.