Ability Assesment

1.Which expressions do you normally frequently use?

2.You’ve bought a mobile. How do you put it together?

3.A friend has a new technical gadget. You have to explain to him how it works, but you live far away. What will you do?

4.What is the most important aspect for you at your workplace?

5.When you are talking: What is your normal speed?

6.A friend would like to explain the way to his apartment. What kind of instruction do you prefer?

7.Your boss is planning a seminar on your company’s policies, would you like to have it.

8.You have to explain a complicated sequence of events to an audience. How do you try to facilitate understanding for your audience?

9.Think of you favourite comedian / comedienne. What is it that attracts you?

10.What kind of riddles or puzzles do you prefer?

11.What do you are not sure how a word is spelled?

12.You have seen a movie that you really liked. Now you would like to tell a friend what the film is about and explain what the hero did // how the hero behaved. What do you focus on?

13.You have just decided to devote more attention to cultural affairs. What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

14.What are you most likely to forget?

15.What characterizes a good boss?