Gujarat-based cafe accepting plastic waste as payment

In an attempt to spread awareness regarding the negative impacts of plastic waste, a Gujarat-based cafe has started accepting plastic waste as a mode of payment. The cafe run by Sarvodaya Sakhi Mandal highlighted that the customers can bring in the plastic waste and redeem it with the food items listed on the menu. The food items will be sold as per the weight of the plastic waste the customers will bring.


The group of women running the cafe has partnered with the local farmers and to lower the carbon footprint, the cafe has decided to use only locally produced organic food ingredients by the farmers to prepare dishes in the cafe. 

In a conversation with the Times group Junagadh collector, Rachit Raj highlighted that they are aiming to promote clean and green living in Junagadh and they are planning to give a glass of lemon juice or fennel juice for 500 grams of plastic waste and one plate of dhokla or Poha for 1 kg of plastic waste. “More the plastic waste, the bigger the platter,” he said.