Pune based environmentalists recycle 25 lakh tonnes of plastic waste into poly fuel

After two years of trials & tests, Pune based environmentalists duo have successfully tapped the method to segregate plastic waste and turn it into poly fuel for consumption. Dr Medha Tadpatrikar and Shirish Phadtare have formed the organization Rudra Environmental Solution which has recycled about 25 lakh tonnes of plastic waste and turned it into poly fuel to date.


India is a massive contributor to plastic waste generation and to address this environmental problem Rudra Environmental Solution researched the process of converting plastic waste & plastic into fuel technology through the thermal catalytic depolymerization process. In an interview with Inkweek Dr. Tadpatrikar highlighted that “We realized that if we reversed the plastic-making process, we got two materials. One was this poly fuel that can be used for ignition and burning, while the black powder that came out of it was carbon black”.

The duo has collaborated with Keshav Sita Memorial Foundation Trust to organize awareness programs and in 2021 RES collected plastic waste from 12,000 households, offices, malls, etc. in Pune.