Vodafone launches Eco-SIM cards made of recycled plastic

Vodafone will be providing users with new Eco-SIMs made from recycled plastic. They will be in half-sized format and will gradually replace SIM cards that are currently made from single-use plastic. The new Eco-SIM will arrive in 12 of Vodafone’s European markets, along with Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.


Discarded sim cards can accumulate around 1000 tonnes of plastic every year. With half the size of the SIM card holder, about 340 tonnes of plastic used to provide customers with SIMs, on a yearly basis; which is equal to a reduction of 1,760 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Vodafone Group Chief Commercial Officer, Alex Froment-Curtil said that the ultimate goal is to fix the supply-end of virgin plastic SIMs entirely. By halving the amount of plastic used in the SIM cards, and the launching of Eco-SIMs made from recycled plastic will further reduce their carbon footprint and the plastic problem.

Vodafone already has a growing demand for their digital e-sim in the European market, many people would still require a physical sim, especially if they are targeting the Asian markets, which are a bigger counterpart in the plastic waste production.

Beginning in 2020, Vodafone has taken the initiative to eliminate all unnecessary plastic and disposable items across all its retail stores and offices. They have withdrawn single-use plastic bags and have restricted all plastic promotional or marketing materials, replacing them with eco-friendly low-impact alternatives.

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Pic credits: pixabay

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