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Vodafone launches Eco-SIM cards made of recycled plastic

Vodafone will be providing users with new Eco-SIMs made from recycled plastic. They will be in half-sized format and will gradually replace SIM cards that are currently made from single-use plastic. The new Eco-SIM will arrive in 12 of Vodafone’s European markets, along with Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.

An E-waste company upscaling the recycling capacity

Born in Telangana, Attero is an end-to-end type electronic waste company which aims at sustainability. They not only recycle waste, but reuse the materials that can be reused. Precious metals like gold, silver, copper, nickel etc are separated from the electronic gadgets and sold off, completing the circular economy.

Green Groups Call for Postponing COP26 Summit

Several global green groups have raised a call to postpone the upcoming COP26 summit to be held in Glasgow later this year.

Bucharest and Cluj residents save 7.5 tons of food with the Mobile App Bonapp.eco

Food waste is a major issue in Romania. According to UNEP data for 2021, Romanians discard roughly 74 kgs of food per capita each year. Every day, around 6,000 tons of food or approximately 10% of the total sold is disposed of in landfills.