An E-waste company upscaling the recycling capacity

Born in Telangana, Attero is an end-to-end type electronic waste company which aims at sustainability. They not only recycle waste, but reuse the materials that can be reused. Precious metals like gold, silver, copper, nickel etc are separated from the electronic gadgets and sold off, completing the circular economy.


Not only do they make their end products reusable, they are also environmentally conscious with a record of having saved more than 1,00,000 metric tonnes of carbon since its set up.

They are further looking to install more plants that will process electronic waste and lithium ion batteries, across six states of India including Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

India needs a solution to its 1.5 million metric tonnes of waste being produced every year, and start-ups like Attero are promising to achieve a cleaner future for it. They are using the technology of recycling as micro-entrepreneurs, and turning the informal sector to formal. This will also drive a huge social impact. It Attero is also the only e-waste recycling company in the world to receive carbon credits for every tonne of electronic waste recycled, as approved by the United Nations.

They are also making efforts to spread awareness among consumers on data sanitisation before discarding any devices, and about the importance of electronic waste management for the environment. Incentives offered to the end-users are very crucial for maintaining compliance. The government also has a major responsibility in creating awareness, to help this industry to grow.