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Hydrogen Chase to Achieve Net Zero

After a series of recent announcements — countries including the US, EU, UK, India and Russia now have hydrogen strategies in the works, putting the gas at the radar of the global competition to reach net-zero emissions. Besides these nations, other major economies of the world had already announced their own initiatives towards hydrogen production.

Telangana to Use Drones For Promoting Afforestation

Telangana is aiming to up its afforestation drive to 50 lakh trees to be grown on 12,000 hectares. This initiative will be enabled with the use of drone technology. The state’s ITE&C and Forest Departments are teaming with Marut Drones, a tech start-up in Hyderabad to initiate this ambitious and innovative afforestation drive.

Planet and Well-being

Planet and Well-being web portal was started in partnership with Vodafone Idea foundation; VOICE. The intent behind starting this portal has been to disseminate information, create awareness and possibly, in the process motivate people to take individual action or community based action to address climate change and the general well being of the society and community. This portal was created around 3-4 months back, and once the desired traction is being achieved, the message of climate consciousness will be communicated to the society and the community.

Easy & Affordable Green Energy Choices

Green energy choices can help reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions and prevent further heating of the planet. Cleaner and greener energy alternatives are always available to us. It is up to us to consider and implement them for our daily energy needs. Some of these alternatives are economical and easily accessible. An individual can make a great difference by getting his/her carbon footprint down to net-zero. Remember, it all begins with you.

Panacea Launches AI-Based Mental Healthcare Platform in India

Indian cybersecurity firm Panacea Infosec with human resource R&D firm Panacea Bioedge in collaboration with Healmed Solutions has developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice-enabled mental healthcare platform for India.

Denmark plans a future in Geothermal energy

In efforts to increase renewable energy sources, the researchers at the Aalborg University studied and developed the comprehensive Heat Plan Denmark 2021. Citing the world energy crisis, the basis of this plan is realization and management of energy saving. This means that there is a need to focus on renovating energy

Earth Guardian Award won by Parambikulam Tiger Conservation

The Earth Guardian award was presented to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve for its effort in promoting the conservation of Tigers. Situated in the Western Ghats of India in the state of Kerala, is a premier tiger reserve dedicated to species conservation.

Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav organizes virtual rallies for Tiger protection, across 51 reserves

Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav started off tiger rallies in 18 tiger range States in 51 reserves of India on 2nd October. The demonstrations were part of 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav' and celebration of Wildlife Week . The rallies will cover a distance of over 7,500 km in a period of seven days (2 October to 8 October) covering the diverse landscapes spread across India.

IIT Guwahati develops affordable and environment-friendly oil absorbing cotton

To address the environmental crisis caused by the marine oil spill, the researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, have developed a certain type of cotton. It is highly porous in nature and water repellent. The cotton composite material can selectively absorb oil from the oil-water mixture.

ICC steps forward for mental wellbeing for children and adolescents with UNICEF

The ICC and UNICEF have teamed up to promote awareness and create dialogue on mental health for kids and teenagers. They are planning to include the conversation on mental health during the ICC T20 Men's World Cup 2021 which began on Saturday.

Environmental democracy portrayed in Right Livelihood Award for LIFE

The Right Livelihood Awards of 2021 were held in the last week of September, where the nonprofit organisation Legal Initiative for Forests and Environment (LIFE) in India was declared as one of the recipients . The Right Livelihood Awards of 2021 is a prestigious award presented every year to people and organizations who have made considerable contributions to making the world more just, peaceful and sustainable.

Environmental clearances keep Ken-Betwa from finalizing

One of the most awaited projects; the Ken-Betwa river link( KLBP) is set to launch on the 192nd anniversary of Rani Laxmibai. It stands at cross roads with respect to environmental approval due to the wildlife clearances involved.

Indonesia’s COP26 reversal on deforestation met with protests

Many civilians have been staging protests in the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia against the ignorance of people's demands to end the ongoing deforestation. On Friday the rally was held following the Indonesian environment minister's criticism of a global plan to end deforestation by 2030.

Prime Minister announced Health ID For Every Indian

The Prime Minister of India launched the Ayushmaan Bharat Mission on September 27 which he declared, will be a health ID for every Indian.

UN Food Summit focuses on reducing the corporate control over food to increase sustainability

Scientists from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), have deduced that land used for poultry and cattle farming is responsible for a quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Corporate food giants like Tysons, JBS, Cargill, AMD and CP and others operate an industrial food system that uses up more and more land to raise chickens, cows, and pigs, and cultivate the maize and soya as fodder in a cluttered and non-sustainable way.

Energy Storage could be the future of Renewable energy

Developing renewable energy is the goal of every economy at the moment, but relying on solar, wind, etc. will need a stronger grid. Just production will not sustain a large supply, effective storage will make it possible to smooth out disruptions in supply and demand, and harness renewable power better.

Maharashtra pledges to boost their climate action goals at the COP26 summit

Maharashtra government has signed several drafts to ramp up their climate action goals and made their presence at the Global Climate Conference COP26.