Hydrogen Chase to Achieve Net Zero

After a series of recent announcements — countries including the US, EU, UK, India and Russia now have hydrogen strategies in the works, putting the gas at the radar of the global competition to reach net-zero emissions. Besides these nations, other major economies of the world had already announced their own initiatives towards hydrogen production.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his annual Independence Day speech on 15 August, 2021, declared India’s National Hydrogen Mission claiming that, through green hydrogen produced from renewables our nation would be making a massive leap towards energy independence by 2047.

After passing the $550bn Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act the US claims to rely on the market decision, for the cost production and profit of the “clean” hydrogen . So for now the evidence-based research claiming that blue H2 would be bad for the climate because of upstream methane emissions is still vague. So whether this new revolution in the world of Energy production and consumption will be better for the planet is still to be studied.

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Iqra Tofiq

Iqra is a writer with an aptitude for creating opinionated pieces on politics, climate, and society. She has a background in Geography and has previously worked as an SEO content writer and manager for an online media company.

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