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Australia to Offer Safe-haven to 3,000 Afghani Refugees by June 2022

Australia's advisor on Afghan exiles escaping the Taliban said the mass migration from the nation presents exceptional resettlement challenges for individuals working with evacuees. Australia said it would offer safe-haven to 3,000 individuals escaping Afghanistan by June 2022. Another warning board comprised of Australian-Afghan people group pioneers, alongside displaced person and settlement specialists, will assist them with graphing another life.

Hydrogen Chase to Achieve Net Zero

After a series of recent announcements — countries including the US, EU, UK, India and Russia now have hydrogen strategies in the works, putting the gas at the radar of the global competition to reach net-zero emissions. Besides these nations, other major economies of the world had already announced their own initiatives towards hydrogen production.

Tamil Nadu Schools and Colleges to Give More Attention to Students’ Mental Health

Students in many parts of the country will be resuming physical classes after a big lapse of a year and half, a vacation like never before. The pandemic that hit the world in 2020, but worsened for India in 2021 left school and college students left out of schools for a whole class/year and some part of the other too.

Planet Earth will remain Green with De-carbonization Pathway

The most pertinent global issue for all today, and the one which will impact generations to come, is the climate change. Delay in or limiting de-carbonization efforts will be disastrous for society and will limit our ability to transition to a low carbon economy (IPCC, 2014).

Promotion of organic farming and Afforestation under the Namami Gange Mission

The central government’s National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) is starting to gain some traction as significant efforts to preserve Ganga from contamination in Uttarakhand are announced by the government.

Experts Advise to Ditch Coal and Half Oil & Gas Consumption To Limit 1.5° Temp Rise

Currently, the global temperatures have risen by 1.2°, experts believe that restricting this rise to 1.5° could help avoid the most serious damages of climate change. IPCC predicts that we have till 2050 to bring this change, and scientists consider this gap of 0.3° as a crucial gap that we must retain at all costs. Experts propose cutting down on coal usage by 90% and restricting the use of oil and gas by 60% at the minimum.

PM Modi inaugurates National Conference on Climate Change

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the National Conference of Environment Ministers of all the states today via video conferencing. The two-day conference, being held on September 23-24, will have six thematic sessions, including Life, Combating Climate Change (Updating State Action Plans on Climate Change for Mitigation of Emissions and Adaptation to Climate Impacts), and Single Window System.

Delhi’s major tree species are under threat due to climate change, a new study reveals

A new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change reveals that the existence of all tree species in Delhi is under threat due to climate change. The study has highlighted that the future of nearly half of the world's city-dwelling tree species is at risk due to rising temperatures and changes in rainfall.

PM Modi inaugurates Miyawaki forest in Gujarat to combat climate change

During his Gujarat visit, PM Modi inaugurated the Miyawaki forest near the Statue of Unity in Gujarat’s Ektanagar. This is a special type of forest that was discovered by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. Miyawaki forest in Kevadiya, Gujarat has been developed to reduce the impact of climate change and to increase tourism as a tourist destination. The forest has been developed on a site which was originally used as a 'dumping site'.

"Green Buildings in India: Balancing Costs and Sustainable Future"

Green buildings have emerged as a vital aspect of India's pursuit of sustainability, with numerous green projects sprouting across the nation. Many stakeholders believe that these structures can effectively combat the escalating pollution crisis through sustainable construction methods. An Anarock report highlights that green buildings can curtail energy consumption by 20-30% and water usage by 30-50%, reducing the necessity for artificial lighting and air conditioning, subsequently lowering carbon emissions. Moreover, these structures have a more eco-friendly footprint compared to traditional buildings.

Leeds City Council's Decarbonisation Initiative Honored for Alleviating Fuel Poverty

Leeds City Council's innovative decarbonisation program has been recognized for its success in addressing fuel poverty and increasing energy efficiency, particularly during a challenging winter period. The program, in partnership with energy efficiency specialist Cenergist, received recognition at the ASCP Awards for its positive impact on residents struggling with heating costs.

Threat to Greenbelt Areas Reveals Environmental-Housing Crisis

A recent study has unveiled vulnerable green and open spaces across the UK that are under threat from development, contradicting the notion of their protection against urban sprawl. Guildford in Surrey emerged as the area with the most at-risk greenbelt land due to its rapidly growing population, which has surged by 9.63% since 2013. Despite having 22,636 hectares of greenbelt space, the town has experienced an 80% increase in housing construction over the past decade.

Transforming Your Yard into an Earth-Friendly Oasis

Residents in the northeastern United States are encouraged to reevaluate typical lawn landscaping and embrace environmentally friendly yard designs. With over 40 million acres of grassland, there is a rising recognition of the need to transition away from monoculture lawns, which degrade terrestrial ecosystems.

The Pioneering Biodegradable Car Paving the Way for a Greener Future: Lina

Meet Lina, the brainchild of Dutch university students, making waves as the first-ever biodegradable car. This eco-friendly marvel boasts a 90% construction from sustainable materials, primarily derived from flax resin and sugar beet bioplastic. These innovative components biodegrade naturally, significantly reducing environmental impact compared to traditional vehicles.

Assam Fights Climate Change with Ambitious Afforestation Drive

In a commendable effort to combat climate change, the Assam government has embarked on a large-scale afforestation project. The initiative aims to increase forest cover by planting trees across a staggering 163 square kilometers of land. This ambitious undertaking is a crucial step towards mitigating the adverse effects of climate change and ensuring a greener future for the state.

Is Planting Trees a Crucial Piece in Climate Fight?

While planting trees has long been championed as a solution to climate change, a recent study throws a new light on its effectiveness. The research, published in Science, highlights the complexities of tree planting as a mitigation strategy.

Indore Aims for World Record with the plantation of 51 lakhs saplings in 3 hrs

Indore, renowned for its environmental initiatives, is on the verge of setting a world record by planting 5.1 million trees within just three hours. This ambitious drive, led by Cabinet Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya, underscores the city’s commitment to combating climate change and enhancing green cover.