Tamil Nadu Schools and Colleges to Give More Attention to Students’ Mental Health

Students in many parts of the country will be resuming physical classes after a big lapse of a year and half, a vacation like never before. The pandemic that hit the world in 2020, but worsened for India in 2021 left school and college students left out of schools for a whole class/year and some part of the other too.


After a long haul, when schools and colleges open in Tamil Nadu, the state government has stated extra efforts will be taken towards acclimatizing students and ensuring regularity of students’ presence in the schools and colleges.

Online studies have indicated children and young adults suffering from anxiety and depression, display aggressive behavior and a lack of motivation. As a measure to tackle this challenge, the state has appointed counsellors. Adopting such measures will help children to readjust in their institutional environments and get back in their routines.