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Tamil Nadu Schools and Colleges to Give More Attention to Students’ Mental Health

Students in many parts of the country will be resuming physical classes after a big lapse of a year and half, a vacation like never before. The pandemic that hit the world in 2020, but worsened for India in 2021 left school and college students left out of schools for a whole class/year and some part of the other too.

Kerela: The first state to introduce carbon-neutral farming

To mitigate climate change on the agriculture sector, the state agriculture department of Kerela has planned to promote carbon-neutral agriculture at selected places in the state. For this, the government has budgeted 6 crore in the fiscal year 2022-23.

From Peatland Destruction to Prosperity: Sustainable Farming in Indonesia

Farmers in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, are adopting climate-friendly agricultural methods under an initiative by Indonesia's Peat and Mangrove Restoration Agency (BRGM) and the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS). Since its inception in 2019, the program has brought transformative changes, ending land burning and fostering positive impacts.

Can Agriculture Sustainably Feed the World Without Harming the Planet?

A thought-provoking documentary titled "The Need To GROW" raises the critical question of whether we can achieve global food security while adopting sustainable agricultural practices that respect the environment. The film delves into the potential of organic and circular approaches in agriculture to achieve high yields while supporting vital microorganisms.

This new technique of farming can combat climate change

Imagine if there was a simple and cost-effective method to remove tons of carbon from the air, decreasing the influence on our climate.

Is Rooftop Greenhouse Smart Farm a Solution for Climate and Food Crisis?

Imagine fresh fruits and veggies growing right on top of your apartment building! Rooftop farms are becoming a popular way to grow food in cities. These special greenhouses use sunlight and clever technology to produce healthy, local food while saving space and helping the environment.

Trees, a Reason Behind Sustainable Farms

Forget manicured rows of crops! The future of agriculture might involve leafy companions: trees. This article explores a promising practice called agroforestry, where trees and crops share the same space, leading to more resilient and sustainable farms.

An NGO Launches Sustainable Farming Program for Farmers in Pathankot

The Roundglass Foundation, an NGO located in Mohali, has begun its Regenerative Agriculture Programme in the Pathankot area with the goal of halting the downward spiral of soil quality in the state.