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Australia to Offer Safe-haven to 3,000 Afghani Refugees by June 2022

Australia's advisor on Afghan exiles escaping the Taliban said the mass migration from the nation presents exceptional resettlement challenges for individuals working with evacuees. Australia said it would offer safe-haven to 3,000 individuals escaping Afghanistan by June 2022. Another warning board comprised of Australian-Afghan people group pioneers, alongside displaced person and settlement specialists, will assist them with graphing another life.

Tamil Nadu Schools and Colleges to Give More Attention to Students’ Mental Health

Students in many parts of the country will be resuming physical classes after a big lapse of a year and half, a vacation like never before. The pandemic that hit the world in 2020, but worsened for India in 2021 left school and college students left out of schools for a whole class/year and some part of the other too.

Well Being

Human Wellbeing is the core foundation determining all human actions. In the contemporary time, three kinds of well being are central to holistic well being of any individual. Browse through information, facts, tips and expert guidance on keeping your well being intact.

Easy & Affordable Green Energy Choices

Green energy choices can help reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions and prevent further heating of the planet. Cleaner and greener energy alternatives are always available to us. It is up to us to consider and implement them for our daily energy needs. Some of these alternatives are economical and easily accessible. An individual can make a great difference by getting his/her carbon footprint down to net-zero. Remember, it all begins with you.

18 environmentalists chosen for UN for global climate change campaign

The United Nations selected 18 young men and women, for their pioneering work in India by the United Nations for a climate campaign called ‘We The Change’. As part of the ongoing COP26 conference in Glasgow, these young people have been commemorated for their contribution towards the environment.

A Mangrove conservationist’s legacy to protect Kerala coast

Kallen Pokkudan, from Kannur district became an eminent figure in the conservation of Kerala’s mangrove forests over the years. Born in a marginalized family, he has been dedicated to securing the coastal resources of Kerala through effective interventions.

Digital Health ID For Every Indian

Health ID under National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) is free of cost and voluntary. According to the government, analysis of health data will lead to better budgeting, planning, and implementation of health programs.

Denmark plans a future in Geothermal energy

In efforts to increase renewable energy sources, the researchers at the Aalborg University studied and developed the comprehensive Heat Plan Denmark 2021. Citing the world energy crisis, the basis of this plan is realization and management of energy saving. This means that there is a need to focus on renovating energy

Climate change: Satellites map huge methane plumes from oil and gas

For the first time, with the help of satellites huge plumes of methane gas have been spotted. These emissions are largely unintentional but still very harmful for the climate, from coal and oil fields across the globe. Last year's IPCC study suggested that 30 to 50% of the current rise in temp is due to methane. Methane is released from coal mines and oil pipelines due to leakage or during repair. Oil companies and coal mining companies often fabricate their methane emissions, but soon enough with new and advanced sensors, it will be almost impossible to hide methane emissions. During COP26 in Glasgow, 100 countries signed the methane pledge aiming to decrease the methane emission by 30% from 2020 levels.

In a first, potential climate change hotspots mapped

The India State of Forest Report (ISFR) has, for the first time mapped climate change hotspots in the country in three future time period scenarios of 2030, 2050 and 2085. It was conducted by the Forest Survey of India in collaboration with the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani (Goa campus). According to the report, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are projected to witness the highest temperature increase whereas Andaman & Nicobar Islands, West Bengal, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh may face least temperature rise over these short, medium and long time periods.

Pollution Will Cut Short Almost a Decade from 40% of Indians’ Life

A United States-based research group released a study highlighting the hazardous state of air pollution in India. It claims that about 40% of Indians will have their life expectancy reduced by nine years. Air pollution has become nothing short of a disaster for the environment and human health.

India decides to ratify Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol

India has decided to ratify a key amendment to the Montreal Protocol (1989) for saving the ozone layer. The Kigali amendment enables the stepwise phasing out of hydrofluorocarbons, a set of 19 chemicals that are responsible for ozone depletion.

Working out a finance plan for developing countries: COP26 president in India

COP26 President Alok Sharma recently visited India as part of his global tour ahead of the UN conference on climate change scheduled to be held in Glasgow later this year.

Sustainable business park to solve organic waste problem

Kent County in Michigan USA poses a very serious organic waste problem currently. The Department of Public Works stated that most of the food waste ends up in the landfills, and has been accumulating there

Climate Change on Agenda in Quad Meet

Climate change remains an important agenda point in the ongoing Quad countries summit in Washington DC. Australia, India, Japan, and the USA are the Quad. Narendra Modi, India’s PM reiterated India’s pledge to improve renewable capacity and commitments to cleaner and greener energy.

140 Million People Impacted By Extreme Weather Events: 2020 Report

Extreme weather disasters continue to claim lives across the globe. A report by the International Federation of Red Cross states that nearly 140 million people have been impacted by these events in Asia, Sub-saharan Africa, and other areas. The report cites several major disasters which include heatwaves in western Europe, monsoon flooding in India (2020), and cyclones like Amphan in South Asia which affected 20 million people.

India At Risk From Climate Change

Rajeshwar Rao, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, on Thursday, said that India is particularly vulnerable to climate concerns because of its extensive coastline, high reliance on fossil fuels in energy systems, and reliance on agriculture for rural subsistence. As a result, action is necessary.

Cold Wave Torments Homeless People In Delhi

The majority of people in the plains would yearn to see snow, but the homeless are faced with the harsh reality of cold. In India's capital city, the same scene can be seen every year: a winter cold wave is blamed for the deaths of dozens of homeless people, and the icy conditions force tens of thousands more to live on the streets.

The first worldwide water conference in 50 years resulted in hundreds of pledges but no checks

The first global water summit in nearly 50 years ended with the appointment of a new UN envoy for water and hundreds of non-binding pledges that, if fulfilled, would move the world closer to universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation.