Denmark plans a future in Geothermal energy

In efforts to increase renewable energy sources, the researchers at the Aalborg University studied and developed the comprehensive Heat Plan Denmark 2021. Citing the world energy crisis, the basis of this plan is realization and management of energy saving. This means that there is a need to focus on renovating energy


The district heating systems have been cleared of petroleum and natural gas supply. They are looking to expand the supply system and install 4th generation district heating. It provides the most cost-effective and efficient use of geothermal energy, surplus heat and large heat pumps.

The analysis is very extensive and is based on seven detailed GIS analyses that map the heating market right down to the individual building’s energy consumption and location. It also located areas with the potential for surplus heat or geothermal hotspots which could be provided from 9,235 concrete Danish companies. The GIS based analyses are also used to explore the potential for expansion of the district heating network.

Keywords: renewable energy, net-zero, sustainability

Pic credits; pixabay

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