Sustainable business park to solve organic waste problem

Kent County in Michigan USA poses a very serious organic waste problem currently. The Department of Public Works stated that most of the food waste ends up in the landfills, and has been accumulating there


Realising the need to revamp the fragmented system of organic waste management, the Public works department is set to develop a sustainable business park. The $370 million structure in Byron Park, will be able to efficiently segregate, process and recycle the waste in a minimum space strategy. With this investment, they are looking to achieve a 90% reduction target by 2030.

The structure will anaerobically digest the organic trash, thereby perishing most of the accumulation and solving the problem of space occupation. Currently, they are looking for a tenant facility to perform the waste processing.

For the energy supply, they will use renewable sources like natural gas. The end product received at the end could be reused as fertilizer and sent to farms and other agricultural establishments. Philadelphia-based Continuous Materials and Carlsbad and California-based Anaergia will process the waste that the facility will receive.