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India Gears Up For Flex Fuels

Following up on its previous commitment to introduce flex fuels (gasoline mixed with ethanol), the Road and Transport Ministry said that guidelines and regulations will soon be published. The ministry plans to make Flex Fuels mandatory. Common Ethanol mixed flexible fuels are E5, E10, E85, E95. The number indicates the percentage of ethanol mixed with gasoline.

Solar Shingles & Their Scope In India

In a country like India, the process of harnessing solar energy is yet to achieve its zenith. To put it simply, solar power is still in its infancy when the huge potential of India’s solar power is considered. As a nation, India has made great leaps as part of its National Solar Mission. As of August 2021, India crossed the 100 GW threshold and became the 4th country in the world with maximum solar energy capacity.

ICC steps forward for mental wellbeing for children and adolescents with UNICEF

The ICC and UNICEF have teamed up to promote awareness and create dialogue on mental health for kids and teenagers. They are planning to include the conversation on mental health during the ICC T20 Men's World Cup 2021 which began on Saturday.

Prime Minister announced Health ID For Every Indian

The Prime Minister of India launched the Ayushmaan Bharat Mission on September 27 which he declared, will be a health ID for every Indian.

Pune: Farm soil, papier-mâché Ganesh idols make sustainability push

In Pune, sustainability is being pushed, through farm soil and papier-mâché Ganesh idols. Akshay Kauthale and Anay Marathe who are based in the city have created ‘Vruksha Gajanan’ idols, which are not only sustainable but also help grow saplings once they are immersed.

Saudi Arabia’s attempt to recycle CO2 to go green

Saudi Arabia, which has been synonymous with petroleum, is shifting towards transforming the residue from oil production into more lucrative resources. They are aiming to drastically decrease the degenerative environmental impact in the process.

India at 10th spot in climate performance ranking reveals a new report

A new report published by German-watch along with Climate Action Network (CAN) and New Climate Institute released on 10th Nov mentioned that India secured 10th spot in climate change performance.

America commits efficient mental health support in Beijing Winter Olympics

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) announced plans to provide several mental health resources to help their athletes during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Plantation drive set to launch by Coimbatore Agriculture Department

Tamil Nadu government has launched the Tamil Nadu Mission on Sustainable Green Cover in Farm Lands Scheme, and the agriculture department has arranged for 3.43 lakh tree seedlings to be planted in Coimbatore

2022 Climate Change Performance Index Report

The CCPI has been published annually since 2005 and is an independent measuring tool for tracking the climate preservation performance of 60 countries and the European Union. It is conducted to enhance accountability in international climate politics and enable comparison of the efforts and growth achieved by individual countries.

Coal India accounts significant reduction in carbon emissions

Coal India (CIL) has announced that with the implementation of mechanised coal transportation and loading through coal handling plants (CHP)/Silos the organization have made significant progress in reducing carbon emissions & other harmful pollutants. The information is revealed in a study sponsored by CIL in two of its opencast mines.

TVS Motors to invest ₹1,200 crores in electric vehicle production in Tamil Nadu

TVS Motors company, one of the leading two-wheelers manufacturers in the world announced that they are set to invest ₹1,200 crores in Future technologies and electric vehicles in Tamil Nadu in the next four years.

Union Environment minister Bhupender Yadav urged industries to take serious note on sustainability

In a virtual session with ICC Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav said that India is committed to fulfil its climate change goals and will achieve net-zero emissions by 2070."As a nation, we would reach net zero emissions by removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we produce by 2070,“ he said.

EV’s to cost the same as petrol & diesel cars by 2024 in India

Union minister of road, transport and highways, Nitin Gadkari announced that the prices of electric vehicles in India will be reduced to match the same as petrol and diesel cars by 2024.

E-waste Management: A Necessity of Contemporary Times to Reduce Carbon Footprint.

E-waste is a growing concern & its management by recycling & reduction is critical. Government policies & laws are needed to make e-waste management a norm.

ITC installed its first solar plant in Tamil Nadu

The leading business conglomerate ITC Ltd. has successfully installed its first off-site solar plant at the Dindigul in Tamil Nadu.

India on track to meet its 2030 renewable energy targets

The Union Power Minister R K Singh announced that India is all set to integrate large-scale elements and renewable sources to keep the frequency control in check through AGC (Automatic Generation Control).

ITC installed its first solar plant in Tamil Nadu

The leading business conglomerate ITC Ltd. has successfully installed its first off-site solar plant at the Dindigul in Tamil Nadu. The plant has been developed with a total amount of Rs 76 crores with an aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Sodium ion storage for Renewable energy is gaining success

Development of sodium ions for storing renewable energy is on the rise and the researches give positive results in support of it