2022 Climate Change Performance Index Report

The CCPI has been published annually since 2005 and is an independent measuring tool for tracking the climate preservation performance of 60 countries and the European Union. It is conducted to enhance accountability in international climate politics and enable comparison of the efforts and growth achieved by individual countries.


In the 2022 report Denmark reaches the top ranking with a “high” in the categories Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Renewable Energy and Climate Policy. In the overall ranking, Sweden was 5th, Norway 6th, the UK 7th and Morocco 8th. No country's performance is ideal in terms of climate protection in all index categories to bag an overall “very high” rating. Thus, the first three ranks in the overall and category specific rankings remain empty.

This year, the poorest performance is of Australia. Since the CCPI 2014, Australia has continuously ranked very low in the CCPI rating, getting very low remarks in every category. In the overall ranking Russia and South Korea have done the least to improve the climatic condition along with Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.

The CCPI assessment comprises testing each country’s performance in four basic categories: Renewable Energy (20%), GHG Emissions (40% of the overall ranking), Climate Policy (20%), and Energy Use (20%). Additionally the question is answered to what extent the respective country acts in the areas of Renewable Energies, Emissions and Energy Use in accordance with the Paris climate targets. The unique climate policy section in CCPI, evaluates countries’ performance in national and international climate policy and is only possible through the constant support and contributions of over 450 climate and energy experts.