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Preventing & Minimizing Mental Health Problems In Indian Youth

Mental health constitutes an integral part of overall health and wellbeing. The youth of a nation are its most valuable resource and they are also most vulnerable to mental illnesses. As per a Statista survey, nearly 70% of youth believe that mental health issues are common and are rapidly increasing among the Indian youth. Though the government's progressive policies like National Youth Policy and New Education Policy (2020), link holistic development and integration of mental health, is a welcome development, still, a lot needs to be done on the adequacy of psychiatrists and mental health programs at the institutional levels.

Half of all people fear the internet, a new study reveals

As we retrieve back to a less pandemic-infested world, we realize how digital technology was our reality. People are concerned about the dangers of its over-consumption. A Saudi-based cultural institute, Ithra, conducted a survey, which concluded that about half (44%) of all people are worried about the impact of internet and smartphone use on their health. Ithra, at the launch of their digital well-being program called Sync, announced their plans for an annual global summit, to take place in December.

Telangana to Use Drones For Promoting Afforestation

Telangana is aiming to up its afforestation drive to 50 lakh trees to be grown on 12,000 hectares. This initiative will be enabled with the use of drone technology. The state’s ITE&C and Forest Departments are teaming with Marut Drones, a tech start-up in Hyderabad to initiate this ambitious and innovative afforestation drive.

Strengthen Public Transport System to Decarbonise Indian Transportation Sector

India’s transportation sector is a promising one, both from a development and sustainability point of view. Catering to over a billion people, it is fueled by rapid urbanization and actively contributes to congestion, pollution and about 29% of India’s total CO2 emissions. Without immediate action, transportation alone could be producing over 40% of India’s GHG alone by 2040 and 60% by 2050.

Regional Adaptation Against Extreme Weather Phenomenon (Himalayan Region)

Extreme weather phenomena include cloudbursts, heavy rainfall, droughts, cyclones, high-velocity winds, lightning, and thunderstorms. They are most common in the Himalayan region including some of the north-eastern Indian states. Recently, these phenomena have become frequent in parts of central India and coastal regions in the states of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Orissa.

Easy & Affordable Green Energy Choices

Green energy choices can help reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions and prevent further heating of the planet. Cleaner and greener energy alternatives are always available to us. It is up to us to consider and implement them for our daily energy needs. Some of these alternatives are economical and easily accessible. An individual can make a great difference by getting his/her carbon footprint down to net-zero. Remember, it all begins with you.

A Mangrove conservationist’s legacy to protect Kerala coast

Kallen Pokkudan, from Kannur district became an eminent figure in the conservation of Kerala’s mangrove forests over the years. Born in a marginalized family, he has been dedicated to securing the coastal resources of Kerala through effective interventions.

Pune: Farm soil, papier-mâché Ganesh idols make sustainability push

In Pune, sustainability is being pushed, through farm soil and papier-mâché Ganesh idols. Akshay Kauthale and Anay Marathe who are based in the city have created ‘Vruksha Gajanan’ idols, which are not only sustainable but also help grow saplings once they are immersed.

Energy Storage could be the future of Renewable energy

Developing renewable energy is the goal of every economy at the moment, but relying on solar, wind, etc. will need a stronger grid. Just production will not sustain a large supply, effective storage will make it possible to smooth out disruptions in supply and demand, and harness renewable power better.

Maharashtra pledges to boost their climate action goals at the COP26 summit

Maharashtra government has signed several drafts to ramp up their climate action goals and made their presence at the Global Climate Conference COP26.

Bengaluru startup aims to provide environment-friendly workspaces

A Bengaluru based startup has created a space called Bangalore creative circus (BCC) using environment-friendly and sustainable products intending to contribute towards climate change.

More plant-based food and less meat could reduce greenhouse gases by 17 per cent: AMS and Royal Society Study

A report published by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society suggested that eating more plant-based food and less meat could boost life expectancy and reduce greenhouse gases by 17 per cent.

Indians extremely affected by heat wave exposure reveals Lancet report

A new report called ‘Code Red for a healthy future’ published by the Lancet states that India is one of the top five countries with the highest rate of heat wave exposure over the past five years.

Luxury hotel in Riyadh facing backlash on the depletion of Red Sea corals

Saudi Arabia's Four Seasons Riyadh is an iconic tower of the Middle East. Currently, the country has been pushing to expand their tourism industry, and constructing a resort city called Neom over the coast of Red Sea. It will be called Hotel 12, for European clientele and Ummahat AlShaykh in Arabic.

2022 Climate Change Performance Index Report

The CCPI has been published annually since 2005 and is an independent measuring tool for tracking the climate preservation performance of 60 countries and the European Union. It is conducted to enhance accountability in international climate politics and enable comparison of the efforts and growth achieved by individual countries.

Cheaper & Efficient Green Hydrogen Production

Researchers at Australia’s Curtin University claim to have discovered a cheaper and more efficient method of producing Hydrogen energy. The research team originally set out to explore an alternative to precious metal catalysts which are used to speed up the electrolysis reaction. They found that using an ion diffusion-induced doping strategy to nickel and cobalt to previously ineffective catalysts enhanced their performance.

Delhi schools to remain in lockdown due to severe air quality

The Directorate of Education on Sunday announced that the schools will remain shut till further orders for the physical classes due to the worsening air condition in the capital.

The people in power don’t need conferences, treaties or agreements to start taking real climate action: Greta Thunberg

As the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26 concluded on Saturday, 13 November, with leaders of nearly 200 nations adopting the Glasgow climate pact to mitigate climate change. But, the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg lashed at the agreement and said, "The COP26 is over. Here’s a brief summary: Blah, blah, blah,"

Canada’s catastrophic flood: a sign of climate change crisis

Last week Canada’s British Columbia province which is famous for its heavenly mountains and coastline was severely hit by the drastic floods and forced about 17,000 civilians to leave their homes and seek a safer destination.