Bengaluru startup aims to provide environment-friendly workspaces

A Bengaluru based startup has created a space called Bangalore creative circus (BCC) using environment-friendly and sustainable products intending to contribute towards climate change.


Ajay Raghvan an employment lawyer and the creative mind behind this sustainable project got inspiration from the ‘Before the Flood’ documentary starring actor Leonardo DiCaprio released in 2017. “We didn’t know exactly what, but knew we wanted to be a platform to do stuff around sustainability,” Ajay said.

The BCC is built in a 2000 sq ft defunct factory and arguably the biggest such space in the city attracting a community of artists, scientists, chefs, gardeners, dreamers and changemakers. Everything inside BCC is made with reused products such as scrap from Raghavan’s old office for the walls of the cafe, obsolete electronic appliances as art, beer cans to grow plants.

In the nearing future, BCC aims to monetise its sustainable goals and provide the space for events, holding workshops and from its ‘farm-to-table cafe.

Source: hindustantimes

Photo credits: hindustantimes