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Instagram Creates Body Image Issues in Teenagers: FB Report

An Instagram report inclusive of findings from online surveys, focus groups, and diary studies in 2019 & 2020, reveals that the company is aware of the negative impact of Instagram on mental health of teenagers. Allegedly, the social media firm kept this report hidden for over two years. The public executives at Facebook (owner of Instagram) have consistently downplayed the adverse mental health effects of the social media platform.

Telangana to Use Drones For Promoting Afforestation

Telangana is aiming to up its afforestation drive to 50 lakh trees to be grown on 12,000 hectares. This initiative will be enabled with the use of drone technology. The state’s ITE&C and Forest Departments are teaming with Marut Drones, a tech start-up in Hyderabad to initiate this ambitious and innovative afforestation drive.

Pathway to Minimalism for Sustainable Planet

Climate change over the past decade has visibly manifested the devastating and disasterous events. It has affected human population directly, whether it was the cloudbursts and flash floods in Himachal in the last week, or the heatwaves experienced in the USA and Canada last year, the manifestations of climate change are a reality that can’t be ignored anymore.

Regional Adaptation Against Extreme Weather Phenomenon (Himalayan Region)

Extreme weather phenomena include cloudbursts, heavy rainfall, droughts, cyclones, high-velocity winds, lightning, and thunderstorms. They are most common in the Himalayan region including some of the north-eastern Indian states. Recently, these phenomena have become frequent in parts of central India and coastal regions in the states of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Orissa.

Air Quality Guidelines Revised by WHO

WHO has tightened the Air Quality guidelines, for the first time since 2005. The new WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) provide a clear indication of the damage that air pollution inflicts on human health, now at even lower concentrations than previously understood. Air pollution causes about 7 million premature deaths each year.

India and UK’s Action Plan For Clean Energy Transition in Power Sector

India and the United Kingdom have set plans in motion to facilitate a smooth transition to cleaner and greener energy in the power sector. A detailed Roadmap 2030 for India and UK has been charted out to make this happen. The two sides discussed and agreed on a plan focussing on power and clean transport, renewables, green finance, and clean energy research as part of Roadmap 2030.

Environmental democracy portrayed in Right Livelihood Award for LIFE

The Right Livelihood Awards of 2021 were held in the last week of September, where the nonprofit organisation Legal Initiative for Forests and Environment (LIFE) in India was declared as one of the recipients . The Right Livelihood Awards of 2021 is a prestigious award presented every year to people and organizations who have made considerable contributions to making the world more just, peaceful and sustainable.

Bengaluru startup aims to provide environment-friendly workspaces

A Bengaluru based startup has created a space called Bangalore creative circus (BCC) using environment-friendly and sustainable products intending to contribute towards climate change.

India at 10th spot in climate performance ranking reveals a new report

A new report published by German-watch along with Climate Action Network (CAN) and New Climate Institute released on 10th Nov mentioned that India secured 10th spot in climate change performance.

More plant-based food and less meat could reduce greenhouse gases by 17 per cent: AMS and Royal Society Study

A report published by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society suggested that eating more plant-based food and less meat could boost life expectancy and reduce greenhouse gases by 17 per cent.

Punjab records stubble burning highest in 5 years

Satellite imagery data depicted a rise of 74015 in the farm fires between September 1 to November 16 in Punjab. This has been the highest since 2016. NASA's VIIRS-SNPP satellite reported the number of fires in 2016 as 84886.

Vedanta’s zinc smelter plant in south Gujarat faces backlash by Adivasi community

The tribal community residing in Gujarat’s Tapi district had organized a bicycle in October to spread awareness among people about the harmful repercussions of a zinc smelter to be established in Doswada village. Back in October, Vedanta Group’s Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) agreed on a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat government to set up the smelting plant, supposedly HZL’s largest. It is claimed to have a capacity of producing 300 kilo tonnes of zinc ingots a year. The ingots are used for galvanising steel for its protection from corrosion and for producing alloys.

Cheaper & Efficient Green Hydrogen Production

Researchers at Australia’s Curtin University claim to have discovered a cheaper and more efficient method of producing Hydrogen energy. The research team originally set out to explore an alternative to precious metal catalysts which are used to speed up the electrolysis reaction. They found that using an ion diffusion-induced doping strategy to nickel and cobalt to previously ineffective catalysts enhanced their performance.

Delhi schools to remain in lockdown due to severe air quality

The Directorate of Education on Sunday announced that the schools will remain shut till further orders for the physical classes due to the worsening air condition in the capital.

Canada’s catastrophic flood: a sign of climate change crisis

Last week Canada’s British Columbia province which is famous for its heavenly mountains and coastline was severely hit by the drastic floods and forced about 17,000 civilians to leave their homes and seek a safer destination.