Environmental democracy portrayed in Right Livelihood Award for LIFE

The Right Livelihood Awards of 2021 were held in the last week of September, where the nonprofit organisation Legal Initiative for Forests and Environment (LIFE) in India was declared as one of the recipients . The Right Livelihood Awards of 2021 is a prestigious award presented every year to people and organizations who have made considerable contributions to making the world more just, peaceful and sustainable.


It was received by Ritwick Dutta and Rahul Choudhary, who are both environmental lawyers and have worked at TRAFFIC, the wildlife-trade monitoring unit of WWF India. In 2005, they started the non-profit organization, 'Legal Initiative for Forests and Environment (LIFE)' in Noida. Their experience working to legally protect the environment, made them realize that human and environmental rights were bound together.

Their pilot project was challenging the construction of the ‘Times Global Village’ directly over the Yamuna floodplains. It violated Delhi high court’s ruling that no physical structures are allowed within 300 metres of the river. Further, they fought legally to stop plans of the Commonwealth Games village and the Delhi Metro depot, both proposed to be built in the floodplains as well.

Keywords: environmental law, sustainable development, non-profit organization.

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