Punjab records stubble burning highest in 5 years

Satellite imagery data depicted a rise of 74015 in the farm fires between September 1 to November 16 in Punjab. This has been the highest since 2016. NASA's VIIRS-SNPP satellite reported the number of fires in 2016 as 84886.


In Haryana too, the fire count between September 1 -November 15 was 8879. The current rise in stubble burning is reported to be the driving force behind the choking air quality of Delhi and NCR currently. The deadly smog is now making its way into other Northern states like Uttar Pradesh, with the capital recording an AQI of 284.

There has been a reported decrease, but there are still at least 1000 stubble fires happening every day. The CEO of iFOREST, Chandra Bhushan stated that the root cause of the increased stubble burning is the mismanagement of local crop residue and the reluctance of farmers using newer technology. Even for harvesting, tillage is still practised and farmers are not able to switch to advanced ways or at least not uniformly in all areas. This is drastically affecting the pollution levels.

Even the part of the plant treated as stubble is much more than it really is. But lack of awareness affects. There is a local level of mismanagement and poor connectivity with the market. Financial and technical support from the government seems to be deficient.