Pune: Farm soil, papier-mâché Ganesh idols make sustainability push

In Pune, sustainability is being pushed, through farm soil and papier-mâché Ganesh idols. Akshay Kauthale and Anay Marathe who are based in the city have created ‘Vruksha Gajanan’ idols, which are not only sustainable but also help grow saplings once they are immersed.


The duo said that the idols are made with farm soil purchased from local farmers, and dissolve completely in water within an hour. They took the initiative after seeing the idols, which were claimed to be eco-friendly, did not actually dissolve in water.

Each of these idols has tulsi seeds in them. They also provide a pot full of soil. The water from the dissolved idol can be used for the tulsi seeds. Since its launch last year 25,000 idols have been sold so far. It is manufactured in its factory, which is located in Uruli Kanchan.

The material used for making these idols is called Papier-mache , which is 90% handmade paper pulp and 10% clay. Every year during Ganesh Chaturdashi, a slew of idols are submerged in the ocean, which are made of plaster, metal and other non-biodegradable substances, which pollute the water bodies and harm marine life. Such initiatives by the local people are remarkable.

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Pic credits: pixabay

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