Plantation drive set to launch by Coimbatore Agriculture Department

Tamil Nadu government has launched the Tamil Nadu Mission on Sustainable Green Cover in Farm Lands Scheme, and the agriculture department has arranged for 3.43 lakh tree seedlings to be planted in Coimbatore


Through the scheme they are working on increasing the state's tree cover and increasing farmers' revenue. The pandemic had vastly affected the agricultural sector and thus abated the farming community's condition.

The government is not only pushing the agricultural output, but also digitising the process and technologically enabling the farmers. Farmer’s can register at ‘Uzhavan App’ and stay updated about the saplings from the designated nurseries and avail them free of cost. Small scale and micro farmers, those from scheduled caste and scheduled tribe and women farmers will be given preference.

50 seedlings per acre will be provided to Farmers who plant trees in bunds, but farmers 160 seedlings per acre, who plant trees in agricultural fields. A survey revealed that Coimbatore City has the best green cover of the top five main cities in the state. With 1975 square kilometres, Coimbatore district ranks second in forest area, after Erode district, at 2,307 square kilometres. The state will supply 73 lakh seedlings to farmers across the state in phase one priced at Rs 28.57 crore, and then 73 lakh saplings will be handed to farmers in phase two. In phase three, 112 lakh seedlings would be given at a cost of 45.84 crore rupees.