Climate Change education in the school curriculum is not being prioritized reveals UNESCO report

According to the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) report by UNESCO, climate education is still not being prioritised and sufficiently integrated into the education system and only 50 per cent of countries emphasise the subject in their national-level laws, policies or teaching plans. The GEM report is released while the biggest climate summit is continuing in Glasgow with major nations committing to several climate action goals towards achieving the net-zero target.


"Only 75 percent of countries cover climate change subjects in their national curriculum framework, while only 40 percent of them have education laws that cover climate change. At least 45 percent of countries include the subject in their education sector plans and strategies," the report said.

The report highlighted the positive efforts of Italy in successfully integrating climate change education into its national curriculum. "In Italy, climate change is included in the curriculum, and students are encouraged to assume ecologically sustainable behaviours and personal choices” the report mentioned.

The importance & need of climate change education is highlighted in the report maintaining that, "Education is a critical tool to help populations understand and address the impacts of climate change and to encourage changes in attitudes and behaviour to support more sustainable lifestyles and develop new skills and knowledge. Climate change education can enhance the resilience of vulnerable groups and communities with mitigation and adaptation strategies, especially in low-income countries, that risk being disproportionately affected by these changing conditions".