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Madras HC Advises To Set Up Zonal NIMHANS Like Institutions

A Madras High Court bench reiterated the need for more mental health institutions in the country citing that just 47 of these were not enough for a country like India. The honorable court also advised the central government to set up more institutions like NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) at zonal levels.

Solar Shingles & Their Scope In India

In a country like India, the process of harnessing solar energy is yet to achieve its zenith. To put it simply, solar power is still in its infancy when the huge potential of India’s solar power is considered. As a nation, India has made great leaps as part of its National Solar Mission. As of August 2021, India crossed the 100 GW threshold and became the 4th country in the world with maximum solar energy capacity.

Planet and Well-being

Planet and Well-being web portal was started in partnership with Vodafone Idea foundation; VOICE. The intent behind starting this portal has been to disseminate information, create awareness and possibly, in the process motivate people to take individual action or community based action to address climate change and the general well being of the society and community. This portal was created around 3-4 months back, and once the desired traction is being achieved, the message of climate consciousness will be communicated to the society and the community.

Regional Adaptation Against Extreme Weather Phenomenon (Himalayan Region)

Extreme weather phenomena include cloudbursts, heavy rainfall, droughts, cyclones, high-velocity winds, lightning, and thunderstorms. They are most common in the Himalayan region including some of the north-eastern Indian states. Recently, these phenomena have become frequent in parts of central India and coastal regions in the states of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Orissa.

Reliance Targets 100 GW RE Capacity and $1/KG Hydrogen Energy

Reliance Industries has set ambitious renewable energy targets of achieving 100 GW capacity by 2030 and a 1-1-1 plan for bringing the cost of 1 kg of hydrogen gas to $1 in the next 10 years. These announcements were made by Mukesh Ambani in an International Climate Summit.

UN-WFP Director Applauds India’s PDS Program Covering 800 Million People

Speaking at the second edition of the mega Bharat Nutrition Week conclave, organized by the Integrated Health and Wellbeing (IHW) Council, Mr. Bishow Parajuli, director of UN World Food Programme (WFP) applauded the efforts of India’s Nutritional programs and initiatives. He also outlined the path ahead for better coverage.

A gym pass for companies to improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of employees

As people are returning to workplaces after almost two years of working from home, workplaces are now being more working on the rehabilitation of their employees. The tumultuous experiences that people had in terms of health, family and money were inexplicable and turning back to 'normal life' is challenging for everyone.

Trials of 5G smart city solutions begin in Pune; powered by Vodafone India and L&T

Vodafone Idea has collaborated with construction giant Larsen and Toubro in starting the trials of a 5G-based smart city plan for Pune. It will be part of the 5G trials on the government-installed 5G spectrum.

Countries with the fastest growth in small businesses

The pandemic caused many businesses and organizations to suffer and even shut down permanently. Small businesses were affected in many ways, but there was also a rise seen in many places, who adapted to the COVID norms. Many countries like the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia.

Delhi Government launched ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign to reduce pollution

Delhi government launched a month-long campaign starting from 18th October to curb the rate of vehicular emissions in the capital. The ``Red light on, gaadi Off” campaign aims at urging drivers to shut their car engines at the red light.

Indians extremely affected by heat wave exposure reveals Lancet report

A new report called ‘Code Red for a healthy future’ published by the Lancet states that India is one of the top five countries with the highest rate of heat wave exposure over the past five years.

COP26 is our last best hope to keep 1.5 in reach: Alok Sharma

The much-awaited biggest climate conference dropped the curtains on 31st October 2021. The summit opened with the conference addressed by the COP President Alok Sharma,

Delhi’s Yamuna river covered in toxic froth

The images of Delhi’s Yamuna river filled with floating toxic foam are surfacing all over the internet and raising some serious concerns. These images are enough to shake the environmentalists not only in Delhi but around the world.

Climate Change education in the school curriculum is not being prioritized reveals UNESCO report

According to the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) report by UNESCO, climate education is still not being prioritised and sufficiently integrated into the education system and only 50 per cent of countries emphasise the subject in their national-level laws, policies or teaching plans. The GEM report is released while the biggest climate summit is continuing in Glasgow with major nations committing to several climate action goals towards achieving the net-zero target.

Delhi pollution levels hit an all time high

As winter approaches pollution the AQI spikes high every year. But currently the air quality is alarming with a 'severe' condition declared. In desperate measures, Delhi Government today declared to the Supreme Court that they will consider imposing a complete lockdown in Delhi to control the extreme air pollution.

COP26: new Carbon market rules

Ever since the decision on Article 6 of the Paris agreement was taken at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, a new opportunity for investments and market expansion has unfolded in the carbon reduction projects around the world. The COP26 summit's conclusion provides the tools needed for an active, accountable and transparent carbon market, giving governments the authority to trade emissions reductions in a more flexible way. This will facilitate a more diverse way in controlling the countries' emissions on a national level.

New pollution guidelines for Delhi, in the works

Environment Minister of Delhi, Gopal Rai will head a high-level meeting of departments regarding the latest directions given by the Commission of Air Quality Management to curb air pollution.

Long-term survival of species is best when there is genetic diversity: study reveals Genetic

A species diversity expert from Colorado State University claimed in his research study that maintaining a genetic variability in the population of species is essential to help them adapt to the environment. The changing climate can only be survived by plants or animals if their genetic makeup is strong.

Are Wood pellets a green source of fuel?

As the need for a clean fuel source grows, researchers have turned to small pellets of compressed wood. They are harvested from pine and hardwood tree forests in the South American South. After being collected they are dried, compressed, and converted into pellets that are as long as an inch. They are combusted as fuel in electric power plants, mainly in the United Kingdom and Europe, to supply power to homes and businesses.