COP26 is our last best hope to keep 1.5 in reach: Alok Sharma

The much-awaited biggest climate conference dropped the curtains on 31st October 2021. The summit opened with the conference addressed by the COP President Alok Sharma,


The COP 26 summit is our last best hope of agreeing to implement the Paris Agreement, which limits global warming. These statements were given by the President of the Summit, Alok Sharma while formally inaugurating the Climate Summit in Glasgow on Sunday.

"I believe we can move the dialogue forward, but we need to get off the ground," he said in his inaugural speech on Sunday.

He said that six years ago, in Paris we agreed on our shared goals and referred to the 2015 agreement in the French capital to try to keep global warming below two degrees Celsius and reach 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Alok Sharma added, "Our last best hope is to keep COP26 up to 1.5°C. If we act now and this work will be done together then we can protect and ensure our precious promise which was promised in Paris.”

Earlier addressing reporters, the minister had called over 120 global leaders for the World Leaders Summit to be held on Monday and Tuesday. "My message to them is very clear, leave the past behind and focus on the future and unite on this one issue that matters to all of us, which is protecting our precious planet. This is an opportunity for all these countries to show leadership, this is the point where they have to stand.