A gym pass for companies to improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of employees

As people are returning to workplaces after almost two years of working from home, workplaces are now being more working on the rehabilitation of their employees. The tumultuous experiences that people had in terms of health, family and money were inexplicable and turning back to 'normal life' is challenging for everyone.


Some folks tried to bring themselves out of the physically and mentally sedentary conditions, most of us struggled in many ways. Companies are now becoming cautious of their overall wellbeing and coming out with solutions.

Gympass, which is a digital wellness company, is offering B2B services for corporations to access the health of its workers .

Companies purchasing the utilities of the app will give access to an array of wellness programs. It includes Yoga studios, gyms, and online videos which they can attend together. U.S, Europe and Latin American countries will have access to it, and the beneficiaries will have over 600 activities to choose from. Employees have access to over 50,000 studios globally, and more than 100 different wellness apps to choose from, that will help improve their overall health.

The app will enable the facilities of an Human Resource executive but on an expansive and well-spread scale.The current clients include the Spanish bank Santander, Unilever, management consulting firm Accenture, McDonalds, KPMG, Morgan Stanley and Google. Talking about her company, Gympass VP Nikki Salanetri said that corporations need more of a consciousness now than ever, and Gympass allows a holistic solution to that. It allows its members to avail brands like Lifesum, Soulcycle, F54, Calm, Gold's gym and many others. More and more private and public institutions need to come up with such initiatives to ensure the overall wellbeing of their employees.

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