Union Environment minister Bhupender Yadav urged industries to take serious note on sustainability

In a virtual session with ICC Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav said that India is committed to fulfil its climate change goals and will achieve net-zero emissions by 2070."As a nation, we would reach net zero emissions by removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we produce by 2070,“ he said.

(The hindu)

The Union minister urged the industrial houses to realise the effect of climate change and to take serious note of the environmental, social and governance aspects to become more resilient and sustainable.

Discussing the drastic effects of climate change on the environment he said that the effects of climate change are no longer a prediction of the future as we are already feeling its effects through droughts, untimely cyclones, prolonged heat waves and changing weather patterns.

Mr. Yadav said, “India trusts its industry to rise to the occasion and present an example to the world in playing a responsible, capable and efficient partner in a war we are fighting to save this planet, the only one that we have.”