Prime Minister announced Health ID For Every Indian

The Prime Minister of India launched the Ayushmaan Bharat Mission on September 27 which he declared, will be a health ID for every Indian.


This will not only be a digital record of health, but will be a simplified system to access healthcare facilities.

The health ID, he said, will store people's health records and they can view them along with solutions through a mobile application.

The mobile app is aimed at bridging the gap between the poor and the rich, in terms of medical services and overall well-being, Mr. Narendra Modi addressed.

Three years ago the Ayushmaan Bharat Mission was launched on this day, and this year the Ayushmaan Bharat Digital Mission is beginning. These digital well-being accounts will be connected via Aadhar and mobile numbers.

Keywords: Digital well-being, mental health, physical health

Pic credit: pixabay

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