ICC steps forward for mental wellbeing for children and adolescents with UNICEF

The ICC and UNICEF have teamed up to promote awareness and create dialogue on mental health for kids and teenagers. They are planning to include the conversation on mental health during the ICC T20 Men's World Cup 2021 which began on Saturday.


There will be 45 matches across 4 venues and attract millions of young fans, which will be a good opportunity to spread the narrative. It will also motivate other organizations and such large-scale events to include the topic of mental well-being among the youth.

The pandemic and its many manifestations in the form of economic distress and health deterioration, and that has brought its own challenges. Discussions about psychological and emotional well-being have become more important now.

UNICEF-SOWC 2021 survey depicted that one in seven children aged 10-19 are diagnosed with some form of psychological issue.

ICC will use its platform to broadcast including its broadcast and digital message around what affects children and how to break silence and talk about such topics. ICC is also planning to ensure the wellbeing of 2000 of its team members involved in the ICC world cup and look after their mental wellbeing and provide support.

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Pic credits: pixabay

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