Promotion of organic farming and Afforestation under the Namami Gange Mission

The central government’s National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) is starting to gain some traction as significant efforts to preserve Ganga from contamination in Uttarakhand are announced by the government.


The NMCG Project Director-General, G Asok Kumar has announced that they are planning to plant trees on both sides of the Ganga river on a 10 km stretch. In Uttarakhand, the civic bodies have been working on Sewage Treatment Plants and hence, they don’t want the harmful pesticides and fertilizers to flow into the river. To achieve the same the government have decided to opt for natural or organic farming on the shores of the Ganga river. “The government had appealed to farmers of Uttarakhand to adopt an alternate farming method”, he added.

He further highlighted that in recent years organic farming has become popular among the farmers in the region. As reported by the ANI the capacity strengthening of the farmers in the Chamoli district is being carried out to produce bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides independently.