Earth Guardian Award won by Parambikulam Tiger Conservation

The Earth Guardian award was presented to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve for its effort in promoting the conservation of Tigers. Situated in the Western Ghats of India in the state of Kerala, is a premier tiger reserve dedicated to species conservation.


It is rich in biodiversity and home to quite a few indigenous people. It involves multi-stakeholder participation falling in line with the national and state Policies, Rules and Legislations and also according to the approved Tiger Conservation Plan to support similar initiatives in nearby areas.

The award was presented by NatWest Group India at the 11th NatWest Group Earth Heroes Awards.they are a national initiative that recognize individual and institutional efforts towards environmental reconstruction and inclusion of indigenous communities in the process.

'Biodiversity-A resilient nature' was the theme of the 2021 awards. Eight other winners were conferred this award including Satpura Tiger Reserve and other individuals for their relentless efforts towards biodiversity conservation.

Keywords : environment, conservation, wildlife

Pic credits: pixabay

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