International Solar Alliance to raise $1 trillion in global solar investments by 2030

The fourth general assembly of the International Solar Alliance concluded on 21 October with a promise to achieve $1 trillion in global solar investments by 2030.


The meeting was held virtually in the presence of the Indian Power Minister, RK Singh and other delegates from 108 member countries.

The ISA also announced a collaboration with Bloomberg philanthropies to mobilize the $1 trillion funds for the global solar initiative across the countries.

On emphasizing the importance of making solar energy accessible on a global level RK Singh said, "It is time for all of us to get together to make energy access using solar and renewable energy available. We have successfully done this in India, and it can be replicated globally."

The key agenda of the discussion was the OSOWOG (One Sun One World One Grid), the plan to establish a universal grid to meet the energy requirements of all the member countries.

Elaborating on the initiative Singh said, “OSOWOG will help decarbonise energy production, which is today the largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions. Aiming to synergize its efforts and actions with other similar initiatives globally, OSOWOG has joined hands with GGI to form a unified GGI-OSOWOG initiative, which aims to contribute to the collaborative, rapid development of resilient grids globally,"