Overthinking an atrocious enemy of your mental health tells expert

Contemplating and being unable to escape the trap set up by one's own thoughts are common expressions people choose to define as overthinking.


Garima Juneja, Psychologist & Founder of Lightroom Therapy & Counselling tells, “Feeling blue or depressed always has its roots in the habit of rumination. Most of the time we tend to dwell over past events, fret about current happenings, or worry excessively about the future.”

This excessive thinking can pose serious unhealthy behavioural effects such as feeling depressed & anxious, avoiding social interaction, and loss in productivity.

Rumination as mentioned is a threat to a healthy mind but there are ways one can practice to tackle the same.

Some solutions one can practice as mentioned by Dr Garima are recognising your thought patterns and consciously stopping and saying enough is enough, concentrating on your five senses, keeping a journal or diary for recording the recurring or obsessive thoughts.

The habit of not being in the present could deteriorate your mental health but addressing those thoughts and practising the mentioned solutions can help break the chain.