India to launch EDGAM and Escerts

India will be starting the Green day ahead market( GDAM) and trading of Energy saving certificates on power purchases. The green certificates will ensure more growth of the green market, invite more people in it and offer a price competition.


Power and Renewable energy minister, R.K Singh made an announcement a few days ago that the government will be providing for any company to set up facilities in the renewable energy sector. Soon there will be an allowance of the Inter State Transmission System(ISTS) and granting open access. This will enable large industries to go green without much policy restrictions.

The green-day ahead market will clear any issues being faced by renewable energy projects, clearances and unlock the potential. Producers of renewable energy will be able to sell without any hindrances.

It will also give stakeholders a platform to bid for both conventional and renewable energy sources. Through ESCerts we are looking to diversify amongst participants the merits of the PAT Cycle-II. It has reportedly promoted savings of 13.28 million of energy for the country resulting in saving of about Rs. 30,000 crore for sustainable growth of the country.

Keywords : renewable energy, sustainability, eco-business

Pic credits : pixabay

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