Climate Crisis

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Delhi Government launched ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign to reduce pollution

Delhi government launched a month-long campaign starting from 18th October to curb the rate of vehicular emissions in the capital. The ``Red light on, gaadi Off” campaign aims at urging drivers to shut their car engines at the red light.

INOX Bund Garden, Pune becomes the first cinema in India to be equipped with fast chargers for EVs

India’s leading cinema giant, INOX Leisure Ltd. installed the nation’s first cinema with Ather fast-charging points for electric vehicles in Pune. The citizens can now charge their electric vehicles through the charging ports set up in the parking lot while enjoying the show.

Bengaluru witnessed adverse effects of climate change

Heavy rain in Bengaluru in the month of December has left its mark behind as the continuous pouring led to the collapse of several old households. The citizens living in the low-lying areas are the ones worst affected as their homes were flooded with the continuous and unexpected heavy rain and left many homeless as several buildings came down during this unfortunate event.

Climate Change is Rapidly Transforming Britain’s Economy

Britain’s academia warns the country of impending ‘catastrophic’ environmental fallout and the need to combat climate change. A few weeks earlier, Britain published a report warning that without immediate, extensive lowering of GHG emissions, capping global warming at 1.5 or two degrees will soon be ‘beyond reach.’

Greenland witnessed record loss of ice in past 25 years

According to the UN-backed, the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) annual ‘State of the climate’ reports indicates that Greenland has witnessed record loss of ice sheets as 2021 marked the 25th year in a row.

2021 was the fifth hottest year on record claims EU scientists

As per the recent study conducted by European scientists, 2021 was the world’s fifth warmest year on record as the levels of global temperature and carbon and methane emissions were alarmingly soaring.

Ocean temperature levels reached an all-time high in 2021

According to a new report published in the Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal, the global temperature level of the oceans touched its maximum mark in the year 2021.

Equity in Climate Change Discourse

In the early 2000s, the gender empowerment consultations and workshops I attended had one constant in all of them - Men used to sit on the chairs and women on the floor. Such was the irony! The vision was gender equality/equity, and visible physical manifestation was the antithesis of the idea being promoted.

Climate change could spike up the global temperature to 4℃ a new study reveals

A new study conducted by the Researchers from the University of Exeter and the Met Office highlighted that the current rate of human-induced activities and climate actions could lead to global warming hitting the 4℃ mark by the end of this century.

Sixth mass extinction has ‘probably started’ argues scientists

According to new research conducted by the University of Hawaii’s Pacific Biosciences Research Center, the sixth mass extinction of the wildlife species living on land and in freshwater has ‘probably started’.

US could see a century's worth of sea rise in just 30 years

America's coastline will see a rise in sea levels in the next 30 years as much as it did in the entire 20th century. Although the worst rise in sea levels because of melting glaciers is projected to hit by 2100, the current rise is alarming and is more of a consequence of warming of the ocean water due to the rise in average temperature of the planet.

Canon under pressure to remove 'climate misinformation' articles.

A think tank linked to Japanese technology giant Canon is coming under pressure to remove multiple articles from a research director who describes the climate crisis as “fake news” and compares campaigner Greta Thunberg to a communist.

Bengaluru’s water system severely affected by climate change & human interventions say IPCC report

The recent report published by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has cautioned that the water resources near river basins of Amu Darya, Indus, Ganges and the interstate Sabarmati river basin in India could face extreme water scarcity due to the rising effects of climate change.

Ukraine crisis must not overshadow climate change agenda

Patricia Espinosa is all set to hang up her shoes as the UN climate chief and as her farewell is coming near she has warned the world that the Russia-Ukraine war must not divert leaders from the escalating climate crisis. While talking to Reuters she said, “even as the war is causing so much suffering, global warming remains the most rapidly growing threat to human species on the planet".

Climate change fundamentally affecting European birds, study shows

Researchers have found that European birds such as garden warblers, are having a quarter fewer chicks, which has huge implications for the species. Chiffchaffs are laying their eggs 12 days earlier. Some birds are decreasing in size, while others, such as redstarts, are getting larger.

Russia - Ukraine Conflict could induce a Global Food Crisis

The war in Ukraine has disrupted the food supply chain of the world which was already struggling due to the pandemic for the last two years. Multiple countries like Turkey and Indonesia have stopped the export of grains and oil because they relied heavily on the Russian supply of grains. This has resulted in scarcity and price surge in food items. Scientists from NASA Goddard Institute of Space Sciences have warned that apart from this human-induced crisis, any extreme weather event can send the world into a food crisis.

Climate change poses an existential threat to Egyptian fisheries

The latest investigation report published by Climate Tracker pointed out some serious concerns over the detrimental impacts on aquatic life due to the rising water pollution in parts of Egypt.

Apple announces first-ever carbon-free aluminium iPhone

Apple has announced the development of carbon-free aluminium used in manufacturing its latest iPhone SE 2022. The brand said the carbon-free aluminium used to develop the new smartphone series was produced using hydropower by Elysis– a Canada based smelting company.

IPPC to release its latest climate change report today

IPCC is all set to release its third climate change report today. This will be the third publication from the IPCC and this key report will highlight the mitigation aspect as they have already highlighted the causes and impacts of climate change in their first and second publications.

Himalayan glaciers are melting at an alarming rate

The Ministry of Earth & Sciences (MoES) has reported that the glaciers in the Himalayan region are melting faster than expected. A study carried out by the (MoES) through National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) has highlighted the recorded data of six glaciers in the Chandra basin in the western Himalayas since 2013.