Greenland witnessed record loss of ice in past 25 years

According to the UN-backed, the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) annual ‘State of the climate’ reports indicates that Greenland has witnessed record loss of ice sheets as 2021 marked the 25th year in a row.


The report mentioned that due to the rising global temperature the polar region suffered more loss of ice than it gained during the winter season. The weather reports showed that early summer was cold and was followed by unusually heavy rainfall in June and an extreme heatwave in July resulted in the considerable shrinking of ice. The data showed that this season concluded with the 28th lowest level mass balance of ice, accounting for 396 billion tonnes only in the past 41-year interval. 

The report by World Weather Attribution suggests that human activities meddling with nature are behind the atmospheric warming in the region and causing this unusual natural phenomenon.