Climate crisis causing Albatrosses to divorce says a new study

A new study published in the Royal Society Journal on 24th November has revealed that one of the most loyal animals, Albatrosses are breaking up because of the changing climate. Researchers mentioned that the increasing temperature level of the oceans is causing the partners to divorce even after accounting for the lack of fish.


As per the report, in many socially monogamous species, divorce is a strategy used to correct for sub-optimal partnerships and is informed by measures of previous breeding performance. “The environment affects the productivity and survival of populations, thus indirectly affecting divorce via changes in demographic rates.”

The rise in the temperature of the ocean water results in fewer fish, less food and a harsh environment for the birds to survive and hence the female partners are forced to switch their partners even after a successful relationship.

This is the first of a kind study that has documented the disruptive effects of challenging environmental conditions on the breeding processes of a monogamous population.