Ocean temperature levels reached an all-time high in 2021

According to a new report published in the Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal, the global temperature level of the oceans touched its maximum mark in the year 2021.


The study reported that the upper 2000 metres of the sea absorbed 235 Zetta joules (ZJ) of heat last year which is relatively higher by 14 ZJ as compared to 2020. 

As per the scientists, oceans stabilize global climate patterns as they absorb heat produced from the sun, greenhouse gas emissions and this heat is emitted back into the atmosphere by the oceans. This natural phenomenon is contributing towards rising global temperature, melting of ice, rise in ocean temperature levels in the past decade more than ever as the oceans are absorbing more heat than it releases. 

The constant rise in the global temperature is accelerating the melting of ice and spiking up the sea levels which is directly impacting the flora and fauna and increasing the risk to the coastal communities. Michael Mann, an author from Pennsylvania State university added that human activities involved in carbon emissions are the primary cause behind the warming of the oceans at an alarming rate and this heating will continue until we reach net-zero carbon emissions.