Bengaluru witnessed adverse effects of climate change

Heavy rain in Bengaluru in the month of December has left its mark behind as the continuous pouring led to the collapse of several old households. The citizens living in the low-lying areas are the ones worst affected as their homes were flooded with the continuous and unexpected heavy rain and left many homeless as several buildings came down during this unfortunate event.


Not only the buildings but the effects of these rains could also be witnessed on the city’s roads as they received serious damage resulting in potholes, waterlogging all across the area.

As per the data issued by the weather department, the normal amount of rainfall in the city is usually 212.8mm but in the past few months, it has spiked by a massive 173% and reached a 581.7 mm level.

M. Inayuthullah, director of the Water Institute, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering assessed the data and mentioned that the need of the hour is to properly manage the excess water that the city received during the monsoon period and an efficient storage system need to be established for the same. While pointing out the sudden change in the rainfall patterns he stated that the main reasons behind this unusual weather condition are the increasing global temperature, climate change effects and rapid urbanization in the region.