Ukraine crisis must not overshadow climate change agenda

Patricia Espinosa is all set to hang up her shoes as the UN climate chief and as her farewell is coming near she has warned the world that the Russia-Ukraine war must not divert leaders from the escalating climate crisis. While talking to Reuters she said, “even as the war is causing so much suffering, global warming remains the most rapidly growing threat to human species on the planet".


She highlighted that Russia is a major supplier of fossil fuel and the current war & sanctions have posed a threat to the oil supply chain. But this agenda cannot be postponed & actually could hasten countries towards clean energy.

Emphasising the current climate change impact on the world she stated that the biggest challenge her successor at the UNFCCC would face is the speed as climate change commitments can take years to negotiate a single agreement among its nearly 200 countries.

"What is very important is to get a sense of urgency in this process as we don't have time for gradual progress anymore," Espinosa said.