IPPC to release its latest climate change report today

IPCC is all set to release its third climate change report today. This will be the third publication from the IPCC and this key report will highlight the mitigation aspect as they have already highlighted the causes and impacts of climate change in their first and second publications.


The first one was released on August 9 2021 and highlighted the rise in the global average temperature by 1.5°C in the next 20 years and its impacts. The second report released on February 28 this year dealt with impacts, adaptation and vulnerability which mentioned the climate change impacts caused by human-induced activities. This could include the measures the nations can opt to mitigate the carbon footprint that they have created so far.

While talking to BBC IPCC co-chair, Prof Jim Skea mentioned that this key report will look more closely at methods to capture the carbon which is already present in the atmosphere. "We have a lot more material, this time on carbon dioxide removal. That is, not putting carbon into the atmosphere, but getting it out again," he added.

These will likely mention the measures such as plantation, technology & projects that can be used to capture carbon emitted into the atmosphere due to human-induced activities.