Climate change poses an existential threat to Egyptian fisheries

The latest investigation report published by Climate Tracker pointed out some serious concerns over the detrimental impacts on aquatic life due to the rising water pollution in parts of Egypt.


The two-part report highlighted that the lack of policies and regulations against the dumping of wastewater and chemicals by the industries in water resources have unfortunately affected marine life. It is now hard for the fishermen to find fish for human consumption in Shata and Al-Qabouti regions near Lake Manzala in northeast Egypt as the dumped toxic waste is killing the fish which isn’t a safe option for consumption. The unregulated dumping of harmful toxic chemicals in the sea is also affecting the fishermen and the cases of hospitalization have witnessed a spike. 

According to the World Bank's Climate Change Knowledge Portal, Egypt is facing serious water stress due to the rising temperature. The nation has seen a decline of  22 per cent in precipitation and an increase of 1-degree in the average temperature which has caused more frequent and severe droughts and flash flooding.

Due to this ongoing climate crisis, the northern city of Alexandria is expected to vanish as sea levels rise if climate actions are not put in place, the report added.