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COP26: new Carbon market rules

Ever since the decision on Article 6 of the Paris agreement was taken at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, a new opportunity for investments and market expansion has unfolded in the carbon reduction projects around the world. The COP26 summit's conclusion provides the tools needed for an active, accountable and transparent carbon market, giving governments the authority to trade emissions reductions in a more flexible way. This will facilitate a more diverse way in controlling the countries' emissions on a national level.

How community effort has become 'Tide Turner' for Plastic Waste

Half a century ago plastic entered our lives in medical miracle substance it is now ubiquitous so Is plastic waste; Carry bags, toys, straws, wrappers and now COVID-19 protective gear.Humanity has produced about 9 billion tons in its lifetime and most of it has ended up clogging our drainage or in landfills or is polluting the natural environment. Every year about 13 million tonne plastic ends up in oceans ,most of it is single use plastic that is labeled as disposable because it's not recyclable.Thin single use plastic is so light that it is hard to catch and it is carried around with ocean currents, it is projected that by 2050 the weight of plastic will exceed the weight of all the fishies in the sea. With ocean currents and change in temperature the plastic gets broken down into tiny pieces which the marine animals then confuse for microplankton, birds feed on them and some of it eventually ends up in human food.

Food packaging is the highest contributor to plastic pollution reveals latest brand audit

A unique citizen-led brand audit conducted by Break Free From Plastics (BFFP)“ titled “Brand Audit 2021 -UNWRAPPED,” in 44 locations across Bengaluru, Bettahalasur, Kodagu and Mysuru identified that Food packaging and household items are the biggest culprits in plastic pollution.

Climate change poses an existential threat to Egyptian fisheries

The latest investigation report published by Climate Tracker pointed out some serious concerns over the detrimental impacts on aquatic life due to the rising water pollution in parts of Egypt.

The Russia - Ukraine Conflict will End in an Evnironmental Catastrophe

The Russia–Ukraine conflict, apart from being a failure of diplomacy and a humanitarian crisis is also turning out to be an environmental disaster. It’ll pollute the air, water and soil of the cities that are affected and surrounding areas.

Tunisia Losing Seagrass

Tunisia is losing seagrass due to pollution and excessive fishing in ocean water. Named Posidonia oceanica after the Greek god of the sea Poseidon, seagrass fills the Mediterranean sea from Cyprus to Spain, absorbing carbon and reducing the acidity of water. It provides shelter to marine animals and protects sea beaches that are central to Tunisia’s tourism from getting eroded.

Ocean’s temperature and acidic level reached a record high in 2021: WMO

The new report released by the World Meteorological Department (WMO) highlighted that the ocean’s temperature and acidic levels touched a record high in the last year. The ‘State of the Global Climate’ report highlighted that the record rise in the global temperature has resulted in the significant melting of glaciers and thus increased the sea level to new heights.

Concept ship to convert plastic pollution into clean hydrogen

In an attempt to reduce the ocean’s plastic pollution a New York based naval architect firm H2 industries designed a unique ship that can collect the plastic waste from the ocean and transform it into clean hydrogen.

UN Ocean conference 2022 aims to find the solutions to save the dying global oceans

The United Nations Ocean Conference 2022 kicked off on 27th June in Lisbon with 120 nations coming together to find effective solutions to save the dying oceans due to the global warming and climate change impacts. The countries will discuss the key agenda that is to tackle challenges and opportunities for the ocean economy in the five-day conference which will continue till 1st July.

India lost 2.3 million lives from pollution in 2019 says Lancet study

According to a new Lancet study, more than 2.3 million Indians died prematurely in 2019 making it the highest among the other countries. The latest Lancet Commission on pollution and health report laid out some shocking numbers highlighting that about 9 million people lost their lives due to pollution.

Africa seeking climate action funding from the private sector

A report published by Al Jazeera highlighted that the African countries on the west coast are seeking funds from the private sector to build climate resilience and boost livelihood restoration of the coastal communities and biodiversity conservation projects.

Drinking rainwater could be deadly, scientists claim

Scientists from Stockholm University published a new study that highlights the alarming fact that drinking rainwater could have some serious health hazards as it is not safe to drink anymore. The team of researchers found that the rainwater contains harmful levels of PFAs (Polyfluoroalkyl) chemicals that are toxic to human health.

353 rivers in Uttarakhand may become extinct by 2040 due to global warming

New research conducted by the geographer and former HOD Professor JS Rawat of Kumaon University reveals that the existence of 353 non-Himalayan and rainy rivers in Uttarakhand has come under threat due to global warming. According to research, the amount of water in these rivers' sources is decreasing yearly. These rivers do not have enough water even during the monsoon season. If the situation does not improve in the next 20 years, many rivers' existence may end.

Hyderabad’s Khairtabad to have eco-friendly Ganesh idol this year

In an attempt to bring a positive environmental change into the society, the Khairtabad authorities have decided to build the Ganesha idol eco-friendly by replacing PoP with clay.

World Water Day 2022: Theme & significance

To emphasise the significance of water in our daily lives, ‘World Water Day’ is celebrated on 22nd March every year since 1993. The main intent behind this occasion is to remind people about the importance of water and alert them about the urgent global need to conserve this essential part of our survival.

Cairo Water Week 2022 to be held on the theme: ‘Water at the heart of climate action’

The fifth Cairo Water Week, CWW2022 will be held from the 16th to the 19th of October 2022 at the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt on the theme, ‘Water at the heart of climate action.’

Alexandria University hosts US-Egypt First Annual International Water Symposium to address climate crisis

On the 6th of September 2022, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education launched the First International Water Symposium to discuss the latest advancements in the water sector and find solutions to the climate crisis in Egypt and around the world.

COP27 Day 8: Focus on water security and the gender & climate change

On 14th November 2022, the eighth day of the COP27 at Sharm-el-Sheikh, it was Water Day at the conference and the AWARE (Action for Water Adaptation and Resilience) initiative was launched by the COP presidency. It will provide water security and climate change adaptation solutions to communities and ecosystems facing extreme water scarcity.

NGT asked the Gujarat govt to allocate Rs 2100 cr to curb river pollution

The NGT has instructed the Gujarat government to set aside Rs 2,100 crore in a separate ring-fenced account for capacity building or the establishment of new sewage treatment facilities, wherever necessary, to cope with the state's rising untreated sewage waste that is being discharged into rivers.

Key Himalayan rivers could witness the reduced flow due to global warming: UN Chief

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that key Himalayan rivers such as the Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra, which are all vital to India, may witness reduced flows as glaciers and ice sheets recede owing to global warming in the coming decades.