Ocean’s temperature and acidic level reached a record high in 2021: WMO

The new report released by the World Meteorological Department (WMO) highlighted that the ocean’s temperature and acidic levels touched a record high in the last year. The ‘State of the Global Climate’ report highlighted that the record rise in the global temperature has resulted in the significant melting of glaciers and thus increased the sea level to new heights.


The latest report released by the WMO will act as an official document for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) which is going to be held in Egypt later this year.

The Secretary-General of WMO Petteri Taalas in a statement highlighted that human-induced activity emitting greenhouse gases “will warm the planet for many generations to come”. The report mentioned that the global temperature has risen exponentially in the last seven years between 2015 to 2021. The global mean temperature was about 1.11 ±0.13°C higher than the average temperature in 2021. The carbon dioxide and methane levels in the atmosphere exceeded all the previous records in 2021 making it most acidic in at least 26,000 years, the report added.